Welcome to VPN's Garage!

VPN's Garage is a unique Roleplay and Storywriting community based on The Sims 2. 

The aim of VPN's Garage is to provide a unique and immersive roleplay experience set in Alterra, an open and expansive universe made with The Sims 2, the popular life simulation game made by Maxis.

At VPN's Garage you will also find unique "Alterran" creations for The Sims 2, made to increase the Alterran experience: everything here is unique and made by the talented artist of the community.

The site is totally FREE. In order to get access to our stories and contents in the Forum, you'll just need to make a free account.

If you want to become a Storywriter or a Creator for VPN's Garage, register at our forum, click HERE and submit your Recruitment Request!

Our artists appreciates feedback, because it encourages them to keep making unique creations, and makes the community stronger. And remember: Be Alterran!

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